And, I hope that you are wrong.

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I recently took a step away from my product, and it was the best thing I could have done for it. Here’s why.

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An essay on our work, on our purpose, and how I hope it evolves to better serve our futures.

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A portrait of Trump’s America, as painted from my childhood.

The view of the mountains from my grandparent’s barn.

Coming from someone who became apathetic about my own job — apathy is a silent organizational killer.

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You might find yourself in a time of crisis. Here’s a climate change mitigation strategy that provides a useful framework for crisis mitigation.

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Here’s some info on our publication, and how you can write for us.

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Why we’re here

I fell in love with my idea and ruined my startup. Here’s my take on that.

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And what that ring has to do with professional ethics

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Spoiler alert: you need some guidance, a therapist, and a coach.

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